Visiting Western Africa

The Must See Places In Western Africa

The land widely regarded by scientists as the place where humans originated encompasses sixteen countries. Even in the presence of a great variety in cultures, they still share certain general similarities. This somehow exemplifies unity in diversity. Among those things they have in common is the wealth of attractions. Find them below:

Benin: Ganvie. Established between the 16th or 17th century, this lake village located close to the capital Cotonou is a hit with tourists as it is perhaps the biggest of its kind in the continent.

Burkina Faso: Museum of Manega. This “Land of Rest” is home to the nation’s art and musical instruments, as well as to 500 sacred masks which have been used in rituals performed in the presence of the dead. There are also tombstones whose rocks are said to be aged from 2.6 and 1.6 billion years.

Cape Verde: Beaches and Salt Evaporation Ponds. Being a country of islands, it is lined with beautiful seas that are worth visiting. The famous sodium chloride mines of Pedra de Lume has a massive crater (radius: 500m) that serves as the field where they collect this essential condiment.

Cote d’Ivoire: Abidjan. This “Small Manhattan” is the largest city and the most vibrant one as well. Find skyscrapers rising on the horizon at Le Plateau and explore the Parc du Banco rainforest reserve.

Ghana: Coastal Forts. Don’t miss visiting St. George’s Castle and the Cape Coast Castle and Museum, which served as the headquarters for the British administrators for two centuries.

Mali: Bandiagara. Marvel at the how the culture-rich Dogon carved out their homes high up on the cliffs.

Niger: Agadez. This place is a fascinating gateway to the Tenere Desert and the Air Mountains. Get yourself caught up in the lively cultural exchange at the Grande Marche.

Nigeria: Abuja Space Center. Get a dose of the scientific and learn of how this most populous country has launched three satellites into space.

Sierra Leone: Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary. This 100-acre area is dedicated to the rescue and care of endangered members of this monkey specie.

Togo: Tamberma. Be amazed at the incredible architecture that also features phallus-like fetishes and clay edifices in this least accessible territory in the region.

With such a number of places to see, it’s best to arrange for a safe and well-organised travelling adventure with a tourism expert who can tailor your itinerary according to your needs.

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