Northern African Music

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North African music could be discussed as a topic in its own right because it englobes very ancient and different style of music.  The classical music of the Maghreb goes back to the late Middle Ages and is especially known through the Arabo-Andalusian music: the Algerian style, the Moroccan style, the Tunisian style, and the Libyan style.

Among popular music, and sticking to Algeria only, we find «chaabi» style mastered by Guerouabi El Hachemi, and all the movement «rai» which has considerably developed throughout the twentieth century in Algeria till today with a modern style incarnated in particular by Cheb Mami and Khaled.

A few artists are transcending the oriental style of music. It is the case of the composer Maurice El Medioni and his concept of piano “trans-oriental”, of Souad Massi who is influenced by blues, folk and flamenco.

There is also a great movement of exentric popular song represented by Cheikha Rimitti and Biyouna