According to some contemporary scientists, Zambia is the cradle of humanity. Some prehistoric findings indicate that humans have already inhabited Zambia at least 200,000 years ago. Zambia is a country that evokes many different feelings at the same time. On the one hand, the visitor feels powerful and unforgettable sensation while discovering the natural splendors and the extraordinary mix of cultures, and on the other side, on the contrary, the impression of inner peace while travelling across the vast and empty lands.

The country is mostly arid and hot, with plenty land home to lions and leopards, elephants, giraffes and zebras. With its savannah, Zambia invites to safari tours, rich and varied escapades: try the famous safari on foot, or by car and canoe. Meet local people, who are also very warm and welcoming. Zambia is a secure country, where time flows more slowly, to the rhythm of the drum. Waterfalls, swamps, countless lakes, tribes, rituals, wild animals, preserved nature, magnificent landscapes. You will find many activities to fill your holidays!

Our favorite spots are the waterfalls (Ngambwe Rapids and Cahvuma Falls), South Luangwa National Park, Lake Tanganyika and the plains (Liuva and Isangavo). As far as historical monuments are concerned, there are not many. If you can, visit at least the Livingstone Memorial. Victoria Falls, however, is the greatest marvel in the country with 17 other remarkable waterfalls. Falling into the wide gap of 1700 meters, its jet sometimes reaches nearly 110 meters high. This creates a foggy universe, which is at the origin of his first name of Mosi-oa-Tunya, meaning “smoke that roars” in local language. But then the falls get another denomination, as a sign of respect for Queen Victoria (UK). By visiting the site you will understand why these spectacular waters are on the list of UNESCO World Heritage. The Zambezi River, which is a border between Zambia and Zimbabwe, displays all its beauty and strength. Many unusual and exotic activities are offered in Zambia. Would a bungee-jumping make your dream come true?

Feel the strength of Victoria Falls. This place will undoubtedly be an unforgettable experience. You can also go kayaking, rafting or canoeing further down in the Zambezi Gorge. Apart from water sports, the country also offers countless safaris where you will discover the savannah wildlife.  The capital Lusaka looks like western cities. Even though the capital celebrates country’s traditions, rituals and the common festivals, it begins to give an increasingly important place to big shopping centers and the modern urbanism. You can for example buy beautiful bags, unique pieces, because the city is reputed being the best basketry in Africa. The best time to make a trip to Zambia is from April to the end of September, when the rainy season begins. Otherwise, the country has a tropical climate, so you will never get cold. This African country has rail and road network, but their condition is not always perfect. Try to stay on the main roads. (Mini) buses and taxis are available in big cities and are often blue in color. In Zambia, you can often rent a car with a driver, who can tell you the particularities of cities or their stories.

Art and culture

Thanks to multiple tribes spread in all across Zambian lands, the traditional culture is very varied and very connected to nature. Dances and folk songs, accompanied by drums or silimba, are part of the daily life of the people. However, “Western style” lifestyle is slowly entering these places. So you can also go to discotheques in the biggest cities of Zambia.  In memory of your trip to Zambia, bring an item from the local arts and crafts industry.

What to visit

Victoria Falls, Lusaka – the capital (presidential palace, Findeco House skyscraper, Kamwala market, Zintu community museum, Lusaka National Museum, Holy Cross Cathedral, park), the Copperbelt region, other cities – Livingstone, Kabwe, Ndola, Mkushi, Kasumbalesa, Kitwe, Isoka, Kapiri Mposhi, Mansa, Chipata, Mpika, Kasama, Nchelenje, Serenje, National Parks (Kafue), Chimfunshi (chimpanzees), the longest river in the country – Zambezi, the lakes (Tanganyika, Bangweulu, Kariba, Mweru), Shiwa Ngandu, museums – Copperbelt, Livingstone, Moto Moto, Nayuma; many safaris, waterfalls Cahvuma Falls, Ngambwe Rapids, Kasanga Falls, Wonder Gorge. Caves with paintings Nsalu and Nachikufu, Fort Monze.

 Gastronomic specialties

Zambia is not a country for the amateurs of fine cuisine or luxury restaurants. However, the local cuisine can be very tasty. It includes many products, such as meat (especially chicken and beef), vegetables (impwa, cabbage, okra, onion, avocado …), and fish (bream, mpasa and others). Potatoes and corn are processed in many ways and regularly accompany Zambian dishes (for example nsima). Taste the finkubala, the mopane worms which are the specialty of the country. To cool off, do not hesitate to enjoy the succulent seasonal fruits: oranges, watermelons, mangos, bananas, pineapple…