In Rwanda, the summer season (Impeshyi in Kinyarwanda) begins in June until September. It is a good time for travelers to enjoy this beautiful country which is famous for its hills, landscapes, people, and good food. Pack your bags without forgetting a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen cream in your suitcase! A journey of dreams! Here are the 10 reasons to visit the country of the thousand hills, Switzerland of Africa!!



Rwanda is the secure country and the most stable in Africa. During the day, enjoy visiting where you want to discover by walking or using the different means of transport (motorcycle, taxi, bus), you can have a guide, a friend, a map of Rwanda or use the GPS in your Smartphone. During the night, Kigali is enlightened. For those who like to walk during the night, you will enjoy the nightlife in Kigali. Drink safely, have fun but avoid creating disorders! There are rules for those who cause these disorders. You can change bar or nightclub or stay there until the morning. There is maximum security.


Rwanda has done everything to help its visitors find the visa easily, at the embassy or even on the internet. For African nationals, it is possible to find the visa at Kigali International Airport. East African nationals (Kenya and Uganda) use their ID cards to travel to the country. It is possible to have a single tourist visa to visit (safari) these three countries. Rwanda is interested in making possible for all African nationals to cross borders without visa; so that Africans can easily travel from one country to another with a common African Passport.


Kigali Fashion Week, Kigali Music Week, or the Rwanda Film Festival


Rwanda is a beautiful country with many attractions (flora, fauna, history and cultures …). It’s up to you to discover the country. The main attractions are:

  • Akagera Park in the East of the country with wild animals, Lions, Impalas, Cheetahs, hippos, crocodiles and many species of birds
  • Volcanoes National Park with its mountain gorillas
  • The Nyungwe Forest National Park with its huge natural forest and many different animals (birds, chimpanzees …)
  • Lake Kivu
  • Burera and Ruhondo (The twin lakes in the North of the country)
  • Royal Palace Museum of Rukari in Nyanza
  • Kigali Genocide Memorial

Historical and heritage sites: Bumbogo , Ruhengeri Cave, Rock of Kamegeri, Sky of Kamonyi ,The Church of the Holy Spirit of Save, The Big Stone of Shali

Restaurants & Bars

Enjoy the coffee and team made in ​​Rwanda. Bon appetit! Muryoherwe!  International companies are also present (KLM, Brussels Airlines, Kenya Airways, Ethiopian Airlines …)  Rwanda will become MICE (Meeting, Incentives, Conference and Events) a place to do great conferences, forum, exhibition and events.


Rwandans are very welcoming and respectful. A Rwandan proverb says: Umushyitsi arisha imbuto! In the touristic places, restaurants, bars and hotels, excellent service is guaranteed. Motorcycles are the most popular means of transport. During your visit, you can use public transportation (WIFI in public buses)


RwandAir National Airline operates domestic and international services to East Africa, Central Africa, West Africa, Southern Africa, Europe the Middle East and Asia, from its main base at Kigali International Airport in Kigali.) Bars are a good place to go out for a drink (Mutzig, Primus, skol…) and will give you a good opportunity to approach Rwandans, and make friends, during the day or the night. In Kigali, there are Bars and Luxury restaurants for expats – But if you want to have fun in local bars you should go to Nyamirambo, Remera, Kimironko, Nyab.

The country has many types of restaurants, bars and hotels. Eat YES but where? You will get a chance to discover a variety of African food (Rwandan, Ugandan, Kenyan, Malian …), Western cuisine (European, American), and Asian /Oriental gastronomy (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Turkish)


Rwanda is a country of many and diverse adventures. These are great things to do:


Rwanda is a country full of opportunities and you may decide to do something in Rwanda. It may also be an opportunity to come and work there. During your visit to Kigali, do not forget to check the website


If you like literature, go visit the Kigali Public Library, Ishyo Arts Center. For history books, Rwandese culture, it’s better to go to Rwanda National Archives & National Library.