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Wintergreen Essential Oil – 4 oz.


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Wintergreen Essential Oil
Improve your health while enjoying the refreshing scent of Wintergreen. This pure essential oil comes from the Wintergreen shrub of North America and has been used for centuries in Native American medicine. You can mix a small amount with lotion and apply it to your body to relieve pain, destroy bacteria and germs, get relief from arthritis and rheumatism, and clear acne breakouts. Wintergreen also provides stress relief, improves alertness and energy levels, relieves gas and bloating, reduces hunger and cravings, and clears congestion for easy breathing. Enjoy these benefits today!

WARNING: Wintergreen essential oil is never meant to be ingested or taken internally. It is toxic if consumed. It is also not meant to be diffused in the home. The best method of use is to mix a few drops with lotion and apply it topically to your body.

Benefits of Wintergreen Essential Oil

– Natural Pain Reliever
– Eases Sore Muscles
– Helps Respiratory Problems
– Improves Digestion
– Improves Focus
– Promotes Blood Circulation
– Anti-Inflammatory
– Antiseptic
– Antioxidant

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