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Orange Sweet Essential Oil – 1 oz.


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Sweet Orange Essential Oil
The sweet, citrusy scent of orange essential oil is an amazing home fragrance and has many healing qualities as well! For aroma, simply burn some of the oil in an oil burner or leave the bottle open somewhere so you can take a whiff whenever you want a quick pick-me-up!
For healing purposes, sweet orange is a famous antiseptic and if you mix a drop with your daily application of lotion then you can help clear acne-prone skin, inflammation, and skin infections. IT also helps keep wounds from getting infected and helps speed up the healing process.

If you’re burning sweet orange essential oil you’ll be happy to know that the scent fights off colds, flus, and stress. You can also steam the oil in hot water to get relief from cold or flu or depression. Has a shelf life of one year. From the USA. O-O181-E

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