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Geranium Essential Oil – 4 oz.


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Geranium Essential Oil – 4 Oz.
Geranium essential oil has been used for centuries in many cultures, even in ancient Egypt the oil was used to promote radiant skin. It is famous for treating acne, reducing redness and inflammation, alleviating anxiety and balancing the hormones. This uplifting aroma has a sweet smell that is known to lessen fatigue, lift the mood, reduce stress, and promote emotionalwell-being.

Benefits of Geranium Essential Oil
– Balances Hormones
– Relieves Stress
– Reduces Depression
– Wrinkle Reduction
– Helps Menopause
– Reduces Blood Pressure
– Natural Aphrodisiac
– Natural Insecticide
– Anti-Inflammatory
– Antioxidant
– Antibacterial
– Anti-Fungal

How Can I Use Geranium Essential Oil?

  • To reduce wrinkles
    Geranium oil is a natural astringent, and has the power to reduce wrinkles because it firms facial skin and slows down the effects of aging. Add two drops of geranium essential oil to your face lotion to see results after several weeks.
  • To prevent sagging skin
    Geranium helps to firm and tighten the skin, and can prevent muscles and skin from sagging. Mix five drops of geranium oil with one tablespoon of massage oil or jojoba oil and massage into your skin to enjoy the benefits.
  • To fight infections
    Geranium oil is naturally antibacterial. It can stop bacteria from growing on the skin. Rub two drops of geranium essential oil onto the affected area and cover it with gauze twice a day until the wound or cut is healed.
  • To treat acne
    Because geranium essential oil is naturally antibacterial and also full of antioxidants it’s a great way to fight acne causing bacteria and promote clearer skin. It also is naturally anti-inflammatory so it will help reduce redness and swelling from acne. Simply add a few drops of geranium essential oil to your face wash, or add a few drops to some coconut oil and apply to your skin twice a day.
  • To repel insects
    Geranium essential oil is a natural insect repellant, and is much safer than chemical sprays. Mix some geranium oil with water and spray onto your body to keep bugs at bay.
  • To ease symptoms of cough and cold
    Geranium essential oil has many antibiotic-like effects. When applied to the nose or throat, many people find soothing relief from soreness and coughing. To enjoy the benefits diffuse geranium oil in an oil burner or in an oil diffuser throughout the day.


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