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Citronella Essential Oil – 1 oz.


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Citronella Essential Oil
Enjoy the delectable scent of citronella essential oil. This pure oil has a fresh scent that is simultaneously citrusy and smells slightly of cinnamon. Citronella comes from the Asian grass known as Cymbopogon nardus. You can diffuse the oil in your home for its incredible scent and its ability to keep away pesky insects, OR you can use the oil for its numerous health benefits.

Benefits of Citronella Essential Oil
– Alleviates Stress And Anxiety
– Reduces Insomnia
– Relieves Muscle Pain
– Helps Prevent Signs Of Aging
– Natural Relaxant For Dogs
– Heals Eczema
– Fights Respiratory Infections
– Aids In Pain Relief
– Helps Decrease Rashes
– Fights Acne
– Natural Air Freshener
– Natural Detoxifier
– Natural Insecticide
– Anti-Inflammatory
– Antioxidant
– Anti-Fungal

When applying citronella oil to your body, try to dilute it with a carrier oil first. Olive oil, jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, or sweet almond oil are all excellent choices. You can also mix it with your normal moisturizing cream. O-C811-E

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