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Aniseed Essential Oil – 1 oz.


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Anise Seed Essential Oil – 1 oz.
Cozy up to the warm, spicy, licorice-like smell of anise seed essential oil. You can diffuse this oil in your home or use it for health purposes. Anise seed can be used to calm the digestive system, to relieve symptoms of colds and allergies, or as an antiseptic. It also reduces gas and bloating. To enjoy its health benefits you can mix it with a carrier oil like grapeseed or sweet almond oil and massage it onto your stomach or the bottoms of your feet. You can also inhale it or diffuse it to get relief from congestion and coughing.

Benefits of Aniseed Essential Oil

– Increases Metabolism
– Alleviates Stress And Anxiety
– Reduces Depression
– Improves Sleep
– Helps Relieve Arthritic Pains
– Improves Respiratory Problems
– Helps Heal Wounds
– Natural Aphrodisiac
– Natural Insecticide
– Anti-Inflammatory
– Antioxidant
– Antimicrobial
– Anti-FungalO-A711-E

Oil can solidify in cold weather. If left out in warmer area, it will turn back to its original oil form.


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