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Babassu Oil – 4 oz.


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Babassu oil – One of the most sought after ingredients for the entire skin care industry. Melts and absorbs into skin instantly where it balances the natural oils in your skin. Helps with problems caused by eczema, makes hair and skin shiny, and soothing irritated and sensitive skin.

Babassu oil is pressed from the seeds of the Babassu palm tree nuts in the Amazon regions of South America. At room temperature, this natural oil is a solid form with a white color. When melted, it has a liquid form with a clear to light yellowish color, similar to vegetable oil.

Babassu oil is beneficial for skin, hair and scalp conditions. It has protective, soothing, softening, moisturizing, and conditioning properties. The oil penetrates the skin quickly without a greasy residue. Its skin nourishing properties aid dry, itchy skin, oily skin, eczema and more! Also wonderful for hair care as its moisturizing elements repair dry scalp, dry itchy scalp, and other scalp conditions. 4 oz. M-P299

Shelf life: 1 year

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