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White Sage & Cedar Smudge Stick


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The cleansing properties of sage have been used by Native Americans for generations. It is important part of many sacred rituals and to purify spaces. Cedar has long held spiritual significance. It has been used in cleansing ceremonies for purification. It is used in sweat lodge ceremonies. Cedar trees are believed to be an entrance to higher spiritual realms. It is often used to cleanse new homes of unwanted spirits and protecting the people within from malign influences.
This White Sage and Cedar Smudge Stick will allow you to refresh and cleanse your space and let in positive energy. As you light the smudge stick and the sweet smoke fills the air you will be able to sense the dispersal of any negative energy. It lifts the burden of negativity and puts your mind at ease. Get this high-quality, carefully bundled combination of white sage and cedar in one smudge stick today! Made in the USA. Approximately 4″ in length. M-P588

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