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Soursop & Turmeric Living Bitter

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  • H-094_0046096_soursop-turmeric-living-bitter


1.88 lbs

Bitters have been used for centuries to enhance both the flavor of cocktails and other drinks while also aiding in digestion. These Soursop and Turmeric Living Bitters are full of digestive benefits and flavor. The fruit of the Soursop tree has been used for the benefit of digestive health all around the world for many generations. It improves regularity of bowel movements. It is also useful for treating digestive conditions such as gas. colic, diarrhea, dysentery, and constipation. Soursop is also known to repel parasites. A healthy digestive system boosts immunity.

The turmeric gives the bitters an energizing, peppery flavor that comes from a fresh turmeric root. They are a great tool for balancing your digestive system over time. They naturally stimulate digestive enzymes and calming any inflammation in your G.I. tract. Supports liver heath and reduces gas and bloating. Bitters taste great when added to seltzer, tea, or cocktails. Support your digestive health today with soursop and turmeric bitters. H-094

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