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Organic Mango Fruit Powder – 5 oz.

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Luscious and sweet, Mangos are a true superfood and packed with heath benefits. This Organic Mango Fruit Powder gives you all the benefits of mangos in a delicious powder that can be added to teas, seltzers, juices, and smoothies. Mango powder boosts your energy and cuts down on constipation and digestive upset. It is packed with vitamins A. B, C, B-6, and beta-carotene. It helps detoxify cells and defend them against environmental stressors like pollution. It improves cardiovascular health. It is high in iron and helps combat anemia. It helps preserve and improve vision. Mango powder can also improve your skin, clean pores, remove dirt and oil, leaving your skin beautiful. Get all the benefits of the all-natural Organic Mango Fruit Powder. M-P673

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