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Babassu Oil – 1 Lb.


1.25 lbs

Babassu Oil

Experience renewed, vibrant skin with this highly sought after exotic oil. Babassu oil deeply penetrates your skin, where it balances your natural oils, softens, and provides much-needed antioxidants. It is quickly absorbed, without leaving a greasy after feel that is common with other oils. It is extracted from the Babassu palm trees which are native to the tropical regions of Brazil.

One of the reasons this oil has become so in-demand is that it contains over 70% lauric acid and 20% myristic. It also is high in Vitamin E. These incredible components work to heal severe skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis and they also provide a cooling effect on contact with the skin which is very soothing. This oil is anti-inflammatory which will soothe any irritation and is wonderful for sensitive skin.

You can also use babassu oil for your hair. It is easily absorbed without leaving your hair greasy. It will make your hair soft, shiny and lustrous and will help hydrate your hair and repair damaged ends or dryness.

Babassu oil is traditionally used in South America for cooking, and is an excellent choice for health reasons. It is similar to coconut oil in its health benefits. Try yours today! 1 lb. 1 Year Shelf Life. M-P299LB

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