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Let-It-Grow Conditioning Shampoo – 8 oz.

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Let-it-Grow Super Conditioning Shampoo

8 oz. (232 ml) Bottle
Too frequent perms or colorings can break hair and make it look thinner. Stressful times and experiences such as childbirth, disease, extreme tension and other psychological trauma can also cause more than normal hair loss. These conditions, however, are very often associated with poor circulation and less oxygen to hair follicles. Adverse scalp conditions and excessive oil secretion can also clog hair buds and prevents new hair from growing.

Arrest the situation with this super cleansing and conditioning shampoo. It helps relieve the scalp of debris, tension and stress, remove hardened oil (sebum) and fatty acids that can accumulate around hair shafts, allowing the intake of oxygen and nourishment. It dissolves and washes away hair products

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