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Jamaican Castor Eyelash Treatment – 25mL


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Black Jamaican Castor Oil Eyelash Treatment


Want to get ultra long, healthy eyelashes while you sleep? Give Jamaican black castor oil a try. 25mL DD-124

Used for centuries in Jamaica to increase hair, eyelash, and eyebrow growth. All you have to do is apply the oil to your lashes before bed using the handy mascara wand. While you sleep the oil will coat the eyelash shaft and smooth out the cuticle layer, creating healthier, stronger, longer lashes.

INGREDIENTS: 100% Black Jamaican Castor Oil – This oil varies slightly from black to brown depending on the color of the beans used, on when it was made.

Caution: Castor oil eyelash treatment is thin and can drip easily.

Castor oil has been used medicinally for over 4,000 years for all kinds of ailments. The Castor bean is native to Eastern Africa and made its way to Jamaica via the slave trade. Authentic Jamaican Black Castor Oil is accompanied with the traditional burnt smell.

Over the years, Jamaicans have been using castor oil as their home grown remedy for medicinal purposes, as well as skin care, hair care and everyday aches and pains. Today, Jamaican Black castor Oil has crossed over into other ethnic groups, and is now being used widely for some of the same purposes as well as new found uses, including eyelash and eyebrow hair growth and as a massage oil. This is a versatile oil that carries many varied uses. DD-119

Shelf life: 12 months. After opening, discard after 4 months of use.


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