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Small Bolga Pot Basket – Navy Neutral

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The beautiful Pot design market basket is also called the Gambigo basket. It is handwoven out of elephant grass from Bolga,Ghana. The baskets are hand-woven in small villages using traditions passed down from generation to generation. They are woven out of renewable resources, including banana leaf and elephant grass, which grow abundantly in the region. The leather is treated using an all-natural process (either dyed and oiled or painted).

Each basket is 100% unique! Variations are to be expected and treasured.

Baskets are sturdy, strong, and flexible. If properly cared for, your basket will live a long life. The pot design is much more difficult to weave than the round market baskets, and truly showcases the weaving skills of the artisans.

  • Pot style basket measures approximately 10-12 inches across the bottom;¬†approximately 9-10 inches tall plus the handle, and the lip is¬†approximately 7.5-8.5 inches.
  • The basket is washable and collapsible.¬†
  • No two baskets are identical.
  • Color schemes will vary and may contain a bright pop of color.
  • Baskets are shipped flat and require reshaping. Completely wet the basket in a bathtub or a large utility sink. Once it is saturated, shape it to the shape you want, and let it dry.

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