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Face Mask/Eyeglass Paper Bead Chain, Colorful Mixed Shapes


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Add a next-level vibe to your face mask or eyeglasses with this stylish chain clasp made from recycled paper beads!  Apart from being another pretty accessory, they help keep your face masks on at all times – while solving the ear-dangle or chin-strap situation when temporarily pulling off your mask.  A colorful way to jazz up your socially responsible style!

  • Paper bead chain measures approximately 33-inches (84 cm) in length
  • Brass lobster clasp 1/2 inch (1.2 cm) for securing mask ends and rubber stays to attach to eye glass arms.
  • Made from recycled paper beads. Colors will vary, but will be in the color family listed in title.

The Story Behind the Art:

These unique paper beads are made in Kisumu, Kenya by talented artisans who upcycle discarded magazines and papers, transforming them into functional and stylish jewelry and accessories. The papers are torn and then rolled to form the beads. Once complete, the paper beads are sealed in many coats of glossy, water-based varnish. Because of the wide variety of recycled paper goods used, the handmade beads can come in all sizes, shapes, colors and patterns – truly speaking to the one-of-a-kind nature of each piece.

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