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African Music

African Music

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African Music – MP3 Downloads

A range of Africa Music available for you to download in MP3 format – available exclusively in the MP3 format without digital rights management (DRM) software. This means that customers are free to enjoy their music downloads using any hardware device; organize their music using any music management application, and burn songs to CDs.


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• Rough Guide to Africa
• Spirit of Africa
• Best of Africa
• Rough Guide: The Music of Africa
• Rough Guide to African Rap
• African Ambient Instruments
• New African Composers 1
• Unwired Africa
• Oxfam Africa
• African Blues
• Africa
• African Odyssey
• Muso Ko
• Drums of Passion
• African Percussion for Trance (See all World Music CDs)
• African Percussion for Dance
• Voyager Series: African Rhythms
• African Drums
• Voyager Series: Jungle Drums
• The Long Road to Freedom: An Anthology of Black Music
• African Rhythms
• African Tribal Music & Dances
• African Lullaby
• African Voices: Songs of Life
• Best Of Today’s African Folk Music, Vol. 2
• African Drums


• Africa: Aka Pygmy Music
• Music of the Rain Forest Pygmies: The Historic Recordings Made By Colin M. Turnbull
• The Rough Guide to Franco: Africa’s Legendary Guitar Maestro
• Very Best of the Rumba Giant of Zaire
• Africa Worldwide: 35th Anniversary Album
• Originalite: First Recordings 1956-1957
• Rough Guide to Congolese Soukous


• Uganda & Other African Nations: Feasts of the Savanna
• Guitar Paradise of East Africa
• Rough Guide to Music of Kenya & Tanzania (See all African Music Compilation CDs)
• Mambo


• Rough Guide to North African Music
• Desert Blues, Vol. 3 – Entre dunes et savanes
• Rough Guide to the Music of Ethiopia
• North African Essentials
• Sudan: Music of the Blue Nile Province
• Rai: Best of the Original North African Grooves
• Ia Dounia
• Rough Guide to the Music of Morocco
• Rough Guide to the Music of Egypt


• Rough Guide to the Music of South Africa
• Rough Guide to the Soul Brothers
• Homeland — A Collection of South African Music
• Homeland 2: A Collection of Black South African Music
• Rough Guide to South African Jazz
• No Boundaries
• Croak & Grunt in the Night (Reis)
• South African Choral
• Rough Guide to South African Gospel
• Explorer: Zimbabwe – The African Mbira
• Ndebele & Sotho 5: African Renaissance
• Rough Guide to Lucky Dube
• Indestructible Beat of Soweto
• Mbaqanga 9: African Renaissance
• South African Legends
• Best of Ladysmith Black Mambazo
• Soul Marrabenta
• Yellela
• Rough Guide to Marrabenta Mozambique
• Karimbo
• Rough Guide to Music of Zimbabwe


• The Rough Guide to West African Music
• Rough Guide to Nigeria & Ghana
• The Rough Guide to the Music of Senegal and Gambia
• Rough Guide to the Music of Mali
• Rough Guide to Highlife
• Rough Guide to Manu Dibango
• Music Is the Weapon (W/Dvd)
• African Rhythms & Instruments, Vol. 1
• Elohim
• Sunshine Day
• Roots And Fruit (Reminiscin’ in Tempo / African Dancefloor Classics)
• Frederic Galliano & African Divas
• Tabala Wolof: Sufi Drumming Of Senegal
• Baobab N’Wolof
• Kora Melodies from the Republic of the Gambia, West Africa
• Rough Guide to Youssou N’Dour & Etoile De Dakar
• The Rough Guide to the Music of Mali and Guinea: Kora Kings and Griot Minstrels
• Rough Guide to Music of Cape Verde.


• Rough Guide to Music of the Indian Ocean
• Akata Meso

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