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Malian Kora: Large


25.00 lbs

Large Malian Kora – 22″
In African history, the Mandinka kora served as a way for historians, genealogists and storytellers to pass their stories and past onto their descendants. African kings would have a kora player to not only entertain them, but to pass down their history to the next generation. Kora players were not only musicians but oral historians, and their place was highly valued in griot families. With a sound that is similar to a lute and a guitar combined, it provides the sounds of Africa everyone can enjoy.

The kora?s body is made from a calabash gourd cut in half and partially covered with cow or goat skin. The strings are made from fishing line which provides a brilliant tone and is easily obtained at the local market. The player tunes the kora by moving the leather rings to achieve the correct tension on each string. Kora players use a variety of tunings. 8″-9″ wide and 20″-21″ long. Due to the size and shape of this item, it may incur an extra shipping cost. Made in Mali. M-M101

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