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The African Continent has often been described as a Continent of suffering, diseases, poverty, wars…..This is far from being the reality of the Black Continent.  The real picture very often contradicts what the Media report around the world.

“Yaden Africa”(which means “Let’s go together…..to Africa”) devotes itself in showing you the True Face of the African Continent and its Mysteries.

Discover with us the African continent!!  You will soon realize how complex and exciting the African continent is….

We are offering every year two excursions : Timbuktu and West Africa



Please have a look  and contact Mr David Barry if you are interested in our West African Tours.

Email: [email protected] ; Tel: +1 876 536 0058 or +1 876 427 9991)

For marketing and sponsoring please contact Serigne Gueye

Email: [email protected] ; Tel: +1 876 536 0058 or +1 876 427 9991)

Our Products

  • Stamped Recycled Cooking Pot

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    $39.98 each

  • Turquoise and Lapis Silver Tear Drop Earrings

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    $44.98 each

  • Polished Rudraksha & Hematite Wrist Mala - Global Groove (J)

    Polished Rudraksha & Hematite Wrist Mala... footer

    $44.90 each

  • Handpainted Blue Gecko Batiked Placemat - Tonga Textiles

    Handpainted Blue Gecko Batiked Placemat ... footer

    $34.98 each


EMAIL:[email protected]

TELEPHONE:+1 (876) 536 0058 +1 (876) 427 9991

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