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The African Continent has often been described as a Continent of suffering, diseases, poverty, wars…..although this is far from being the reality of the Black Continent, and as the real picture very often contradicts what the Media report around the world. “Yaden Africa”(which means “Let’s go together…..to Africa”) devotes itself in showing you the True Face of the African Continent and its Mysteries.


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Kindly note that Trips to your Dream Destination can also be arranged on demand. Just let us know, and we will tailor it for you. We will expose you to the real African Culture (still little known to many out there), and we will help you discover, love, enjoy and appreciate the Continent, the way we know it best, for your everlasting Memories. We will help you finally participate in giving back to Africa what Africa has already given to us four (4) million years ago….. Human Life. And we will not just take you there. We will be there with you, and for you.


Sales & Group Reservations

David, our Travel and Tourism Expert, regularly organizes “All Inclusive” Excursion Trips to West Africa, and offers very competitive Group Packages. David has over 25 years experience in the Travel and Tourism Industry, and has worked with both the Travel Agencies and the Airlines, and as such, has a vast knowledge of the operations of the Industry. He holds the internationally recognized I.A.T.A. (International Air Transport Association) Diploma, and has already organized several Tours to West Africa and Central America. He fluently speaks English, Spanish, and French (his native language) and four other African Languages.

Contact: David Barry
Email: [email protected]
Tel: +1 876 536 0058 (Lime)
Tel: +1 876 427 9991 (Digicel)



Serigne is your contact for marketing, sponsoring and general queries. He holds an MBA in E-Commerce.

Contact: Serigne Gueye
Email: [email protected]
Tel : +1 786 245 4048

Postal Address: Yaden Africa – PO Box 1037 – Grand Cayman – KY1-1303 – Cayman Islands BWI

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EMAIL:[email protected]

TELEPHONE:+1 (876) 536 0058 +1 (876) 427 9991

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